Tylium is the primary fuel source in the BSG Universe. It is mined from ore and converted into a powerful liquid form that powers everything from Vipers to Battlestars.

Stages of TyliumEdit

Tylium comes in three stages and requires refinement before it is usable.

Stage OneEdit

First, Tylium must be mined and acquired as hard ore. Tylium can be found on the Twelve Colonies but it is far more common on asteroids. Most Tylium comes from remote mining operations much like modern world deep sea oil rigs.

Stage TwoEdit

Once extracted from the ground, Tylium must be broken down into "Tylium Precursor". Precursor is a fine whitish powdery substance. This is the fuel's most powerful but also most volatile state thus making it still unusable.

Stage ThreeEdit

Finally, the precursor is refined into "Tylium Fuel", a powerful liquid capable of creating immense energy. This versatile fuel then powers everything from small one person vehicles to large thousand person space craft.

Notes About TyliumEdit

It's important to remember that Tylium is unbelievably powerful and is basically nuclear power in more manageable liquid form (no wonder they don't use anything else). Being so powerful, Tylium is also dangerous and can cause massive explosions although not equal to a nuclear detonation. Tylium itself and a Tylium explosion are not radioactive but radiation can actually destroy a batch of unrefined Tylium and render it inert and useless.

Other FuelsEdit

Tylium is for all intents and purposes the only fuel in this universe. It is the only fuel shown and is used by both Cylons and Humans to power everything. Therefore, Tylium is it unless you want to RP the discovery of some other realistic form of power to help the fleet survive on minimal resources. Technically fusion power exists as well but it doesn't seem to be used. This is most likely because Tylium is just so powerful and has so few drawbacks.