Sobek Class
Crew Complement 1221
Standard Total Population 1221
Maximum Population 1271
The Sobek Class of Gunstar is an older model constructed in the wake of the First Cylon War.  The Sobek was the first major class of ships designed after the Armistice and thus they were the first to really put into practice the lessons that had been learned from the conflict.

In many ways, the Sobek embodies what it means to be a Gunstar.  In all respects it is a "mini-Battlestar".  Compared to more modern Gunstars, the Sobeks have large air groups with three Viper squadrons and a full squadron of Raptors as well.  However, the Sobeks also tend to have a limited nuclear arsenal and have also have a comparatively under-strength railgun armament.

Notable SobeksEdit


The Gunstar Theseus was scheduled to be the very last vessel to receive the CNP update.  It set off on a patrol of the Armistice Line just days before the program began to be distributed and it was still along the line when the Cylon attack arrived.  Theseus responded to a distress call at nearby Sagittaron where it found the Cylons tearing apart the immobilized Colonial Vessels.  The Gunstar managed to defeat the Cylon Basestar and helped the damaged Patrolstar Hades and three other surviving civilian vessels escape to safety.  With the war already lost, Theseus and its small group of ships would remain in hiding for the next few months.

During a routine reconnaissance run to check on Caprica, one of Theseus' Raptors stumbled across the beginnings of the Battle of Caprica.  Soon the Theseus and Hades jumped in to join the conflict after so much time waiting alone for just such an opportunity.  The arrival of these ships was critical to the tide of the battle.  Unfortunately, Theseus was not destined to survive the engagement.  The Gunstar was severely damaged and an evacuation was ordered.  Most of the crew were able to escape before the warship went down.