The Colonial Fleet uses three Readiness Levels aboard ship ot quickly change the ship's combat posture.

Condition OneEdit

Condition One is the call to action stations (AKA general quarters, battle stations, etc.).  Combat is imminent or in some cases it has already begun.  When Condition One is set:

  • The CO assumes command on the CIC if he was not on duty.
  • All Vipers are prepared for immediate launch.
  • All weapon stations are manned and cleared for action.
  • DC are assembled and put on standby.
  • Marine combat teams likewise assemble and prepare for potential enemy boarding and/or the need to assist DC.
  • Medical crews prepare to triage incoming wounded.
  • All hatches between compartments are sealed to control the effects of potential decompression or fire.

Condition TwoEdit

Condition Two is a more relaxed state of readiness.  Generally, it will be called when there is minor suspicion of a threat or in the wake of a battle as an incremented step down from Condition One.

Condition ThreeEdit

Condition Three is the standard level of readiness aboard a warship.  Once the "all clear" is given from a heightened state, readiness is reduced to Condition Three.  Even at Condition Three:

  • One third of the crew is on watch including at least one of the three most senior officers in the CIC.
  • Several CAPs are flying protection around the Fleet and an entire wave of fighters are on alert to launch at a moment's notice.
  • Marines continue to guard critical areas, patrol the ship's corridors, and keep several response teams on standby.