A Combat Air Patrol (CAP) is a term used to describe most "routine" missions of the air wing.  Generally, a CAP will consist of two to four Vipers but may also be supplemented by one or two Raptors for support.

Types of CAPEdit


A Force CAP is the most common and regular type of CAP flown.  It is essentially a patrol that flies escort for the larger warship (and the greater fleet).  Fighters on CAP may patrol among the ships or form a picket along the perimeter.


A High Asset Value CAP is a more focused CAP that is intended to specifically protect just one ship.  A Raptor or shuttle carrying a VIP might be given a CAP to protect its short trip, in the re-imaged series the President's ship, Colonial One, had a constant CAP escorting it.  In our RP, it is likely that high value targets like the Aerilon Star might have their own dedicated CAP.


A Barrier CAP is a patrol that flies between what one wishes to protect and the location from which one expects an attack.  For example, if the Fleet were nearing an unexplored asteroid, a BARCAP might be sent forward to provide a protective screen to guard against the threat of a Cylon force hiding on the other side of the asteroid.


A Strike CAP in a special patrol that is tasked with protecting a specific target like a HAVCAP but is also authorized to engage targets of opportunity.


A Search and Rescue CAP is a patrol that will either personally search or protect those that are performing SAR.


A Target CAP is a patrol that instead of guarding a specific ship is tasked with guarding a specific piece of land or space.  They are to engage any hostiles that enter their target area.