Colonial Mover
Colonial-mover 2-1
Crew Complement 10
Standard Total Population 10
Maximum Population 125
Armament None
Purpose and Utility Cargo Transportation
Transport and Docking Airlock Docking, Landing in Flight Pods
Colonial Movers is one of the largest inter-planetary transportation company in the Colonies. The company owns and operates hundreds of small cargo transport ships. The Colonial Movers are designed for their cargo only to be accessed planetside rather than en route in space. Therefore, most cargo containers on these vessels are either inaccessible except from space walks or landing inside a larger ship, or the containers have been modified for interior access. The bulkheads on some containers have been cut to allow access to cargo as well as living space inside emptied containers.

Colonial Movers of the FleetEdit


Current Population: 112

Origins: Aquarian Fleet


Current Population: 118

Origins: Aquarian Fleet


Current Population: 121

Origins: Aquarian Fleet


Current Population: 117

Origins: Phoebe Fleet


Current Population: 98 (lost with all hands)

Origins: Phoebe Fleet

Fate: Destroyed during the Mutiny.