Colonial Heavy
Colonial0ne aged 02-1
Crew Complement 25
Standard Total Population 300
Maximum Population 800
Armament None
Purpose and Utility Passenger and Cargo Transportaion
Transport and Docking Small Hanger, Landing in Flight Pods

The Colonial Heavy is a very well rounded and versatile ship .  It is capable of significant cargo tranport like the Colonial Mover or other such ships, but also passenger transport like the Passenger Liner yet it also affords more luxurious and spaceous accomodations like one might expect on one of the luxury ships of the Fleet.  The Colonial Heavy also has a hanger in its lower cargo bay that can receive small transport shuttles and even Vipers.

Colonial Heavies of the FleetEdit


Current Population: 264

Origin: Battle of Caprica


Current Population: 249

Origin: Battle of Caprica


Current Population: 205

Origin: Battle of Caprica


Current Population: 233

Modifications: Added Twenty 35mm Kinetic Point Defense Turrets

Origin: Phoebe Fleet