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Botanical Cruiser
Botanicalcruiser colonial-1.jpg
Crew Complement 800
Standard Total Population 3000
Maximum Population 4200
Armament None
Purpose and Utility Civilian Housing, Minor Agriculture, Fleet-wide Recreational Facilities
Transport and Docking Hangers for Small Transports

A Botanical Cruiser (AKA "Agro Ship") is a smaller and slightly less luxurious cruise liner type than the Aerilon Star.  However, both pre-war and currently it serves much the same purpose.  The Agro Ships were designed for long and leisurely trips through space and provided simulated environments for guests.  Whereas the Aerilon Star has one large bio-dome, this class of ship has fifteen small domes.  Generally most of the rest of the vessel is also of a slightly less grand scale.

The Botanical Cruisers are among the best places to live in the Fleet but due to the Aerilon Star's dominance of politics, commerce, and recreation these ships have seemingly drifted out of focus.  Whatever extra utility visiting members of other ships might have enjoyed has instead thus been converted for more practical purposes.  Instead of providing vast gardens of flowers in the bio-domes, orchards and fields of crops have been planted.  Thus the "Agro-ships" have really been living up to their names.  Although most ships have some form of hydroponic operations aboard, the vast majority of fleet-grown food comes from these vessels.

Botanical Cruisers of the Fleet[]


Current Population: 4086

Origins: Phoebe Fleet


Current Population: 4177

Origins: Phoebe Fleet