Athena's Light
Crew Complement 300
Standard Total Population 300
Maximum Population 800
Current Population 421
Armament Kinetic Point Defense Turrets
Purpose and Utility Research
Transport and Docking Hanger for Small Transports
 The Athena's Light is a research vessel that explored out beyond the Red Line before the war.  In addition to its exploration goals, the ship also is a fully functioning scientific laboratory for more "down to Kobol" types of science.  Following the Cylon attack, the Athena's Light formed its own small fleet of ships which wandered under stumbling across Hyperion and the Fleet.

The Athena's Light is armed with four light 25mm kinetic point defense cannons.  Its already powerful sensors and capable bridge have been modified and upgraded since joining the Fleet.  The vessel now serves as the Fleet's long ranger scanner and in emergency can help coordinate the other civilian vessels.

Notable Residents of the Athena's LightEdit