Apollo's Express
Apollo's Express
Crew Complement 100
Standard Total Population 2500
Maximum Population 2750
Current Population 2741
Armament Point Defense Cannons and Anti-ship Missiles
Purpose and Utility Luxury Passenger Transport
Transport and Docking Airlock Docking
The Apollo's Express is a luxury transport ship.  It serves much the same purpose as the common Passenger Liner but provides much higher quality (and cost) service.  Like the passenger liners, the Express has also suffered more than most ships as a result of the prolonged existence in space.  It may have been built for comfort but it was still never intended for long term trips.  Although not nearly as cramped or lacking of all amenities like the passenger liners, despite its luxurious design, due to space constraints it is not nearly as comfortable a home as one of the cruise ships that was built for extended living in space.

The Apollo's Express was among the original ships found by the Aerilon Star and brought to join the Fleet at Phoebe.  It has since been modified and re-purposed with thirty 35mm kinetic point defense turrets, and eight anti-ship missile launchers.  With these upgrades it is now one of the most formidable civilian ships of the Fleet.