Battlestar Hyperion Wiki
Aerilon Star CSS-4759
Class Cloud 9 Type Cruise Liner
Dimensions 1000m x 404m x 135m
Crew Complement 2500
Standard Total Population 8000
Maximum Population 12000
Current Population 11918
Purpose and Utility Center of Government, Civilian Housing, Minor Agriculture, Fleet-wide Recreational Facilities
Transport and Docking Numerous Hangers for Small Transports

The Aerilon Star (or more simply "the Star") is a Cloud Nine Luxury Liner. It is the largest civilian vessel in the Fleet and was among the largest even of the pre-war Colonial civilian ships. The Star also carries a significant portion of the Fleet's population, approximately one fourth. In addition, the luxury liner is also the seat of the Quorum and most of the rest of the civilian government. It is also a major hub, receiving a large influx of guests from other ships, both civilian and military, providing daily boosts to the already large population residing there. The Star provides many of them with recreational facilities and high class accommodations that simply cannot be found elsewhere. Many others come to deal with the government. Still others come simply because the Star is the de facto capital of the Fleet and thus many business transactions or other agreements are made there even when the parties to the deal are from other ships of the Fleet.

Ship History[]

The Aerilon Star is a rather new ship, built and chartered from its namesake, Aerilon.  Before the war it provided both luxury transport for politicians, businessmen, and celebrities as well as serving its primary purpose as a cruise ship through space.

The Star was on a return cruise to Aerilon at the time of the Fall and was thus between planets when the Cylons attacked.  At this time the Star began to assemble other civilian ships and accrued a small fleet of eleven other ships, the beginnings of the current Fleet.  The Aerilon Star led this group of civilians to Phoebe, answering Hyperion's call to regroup.  Since joining with Hyperion, the Aerilon Star has continued to act as the unofficial leader and flagship of the civilian contingent of the Fleet.  It is without a doubt the most influential and arguably the most important civilian ship in the Fleet.

Notable Residents of the Aerilon Star[]

Notable civilian residents on the Star include:

  • Kieran MacPhelan - Businessman
  • Sirena McKenna - Singer Celebrity
  • Vanessa Mendler - Senior Dectective of the Fleet's Interpol
  • Noah Petrelli - Businessman
  • Steven Wright - Leader of a Private Security Firm

The Aerilon Star also is home to most members of the Quorum:

  • Cammy Baldwin - Caprica Delegate
  • Joseph Blake - Leonis Delegate
  • Marcus Granius - Picon Delegate
  • Clint Roster - Aerilon Delegate
  • Alexis Tepesh - Libran Delegate
  • Toby Granger, the Scorpia , regularly commutes from the Apollo's Express.